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Estimated Cost - $7,421.36

The above listed estimated cost for this 30 day course is based on FAA minimum requirements. It includes all pilot supplies, books, charts, examiner fees, taxes and airport fees.


The student must have both a Private Pilot Certification and and Instrument Rating before enrolling in this course. An assumption has been made that the student has already logged 235 hours of flight time including any FTD hours.  A very low time Piper Seneca I is used for the multi-engine flight training. The Commercial Pilot course includes advanced training concepts such as CRM, ADM, LOFT, and Crew Coordination.


Ground Training

The primary objective of ground training is to provide students with well above normal Commercial Pilot and instrument rating level knowledge in understanding the following subjects.

Aircraft Systems, Airworthiness, Aerodynamics, Loading, Performance, Airspace, Airports, Air Traffic Control, Safety of Flight, High Altitude Operations, Aviation Weather and Weather charts, Recognition of critical weather situations and wind-shear avoidance, Federal Aviation Regulations, Aeronautical Information
Manual, Navigation Planning, Avionics, and Flight Physiology.

Aeronautical decision making and judgment; and crew resource management (CRM), including crew communication and coordination.

Ground training is programmed to require 14 hours of instruction.

Flight Training

The student must successfully complete all flight training maneuvers outlined in the FAA practical test standards before the final evaluation for the Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be issued the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane Multi-Engine Land.

Flight training is programmed to require 16 hours of mult-engine instruction, and 2.0 hours for the multi-engine practical test (check ride).

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