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Estimated Cost - $8,991.46

The above listed estimated cost is based on FAA minimum requirements. It includes all pilot supplies, headset, flight bag, books, charts, examiner fees, taxes and airport fees.

This three month course provides a means of training pilots with little or no previous flight experience to a standard well above the minimum accepted for FAA Private Pilot certification.

Ground Training

The ground training begins with an on-line or CD based Ground School to prepare the student for the FAA Private Pilot written exam. The ground school provides the student knowledge and understanding in the following subjects.

Aircraft Systems, Airworthiness, Aerodynamics, Loading, Performance, Airspace, Airports, Air Traffic Control, Safety of Flight, Aviation Weather, Federal Aviation Regulations, Aeronautical Information Manual, Flight Physiology, Navigation Planning, Avionics, Flight Physiology, Navigation planning.

The course also includes 15 hours of one on one ground training with an instructor.

Flight Training

A Cessna 152 is used for flight training. The student must successfully complete all flight training maneuvers outlined in the FAA practical test standards before the final evaluation for the Private Pilot Certificate.

Systems Integration Training correlates aircraft systems training with light aircraft normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures and checklists. Students become familiar with the cockpit layout, checklists, and CRM Aviation Training Center procedures prior to and during flight training. Flight training is programmed to require 31.5 hours dual instruction, 10 hours solo and 2.0 hours for the practical exam (checkride).

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